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Original Music
From BearHeart

[ 21 July 2011 — Note: Everything on this page is very old. Later this year I will be producing some new music. ]

BearHeart’s guitar playing has been compared to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Johnny Winter; and his songs have been compared to those of Randy Newman and Frank Zappa. When asked about those comparisons BearHeart said, “I love their music and I’m flattered by the comparisons. I just hope people will get the chance to hear my music and enjoy it for what it is.”

If you haven’t heard BearHeart’s music, now is your chance. After years of frustration with the business of music, the Web has finally made it possible for you to hear BearHeart’s music, even if the radio stations would rather feed you more Britney and Justin.

About BearHeart

BearHeart (aka Bill Weinman) has been writing and performing music for just about all of his life (since age 3, according to family lore).

Over the years BearHeart has played jazz, blues, rock, and a lot of other styles. There are unconfirmed rumors that he has even dabbled in orchestral music. Currently he is writing rock-n-roll music with electric blues and jazz influences.

If you would like to be notified when BearHeart has new tracks available for download -- or when he has other news of his Music -- please sign up for BearHeart’s Music Notification List.


These tracks were all recorded at, my digital recording studio. The tracks marked “final mix” are considered finished. The other tracks are demos or works in progress.

Note: I've produced higher-quality variable bit rate encodings of the finished songs. The files marked "vbr" are roughly 30% larger, but sound significantly better (and will still play in virtually all MP3 players).

Just For Fun (2:56)
[.mp3 (2.8 MB)] [.mp3 (vbr) (3.8 MB)]
final mix 2 March 2002
Uptempo blues/rock guitar tune.
Heather Drive (2:43)
[.mp3 (2.5 MB)] [.mp3 (vbr) (3.7 MB)]
final mix 2 March 2002
A jazz-rock-guitar piece with 8 overdubbed guitars and drums. There are no synthesizers on this track.
Just Found Out I’m In Love (2:27)
[.mp3 (2.3 MB)] [.mp3 (vbr) (3.4 MB)]
final mix 19 December 2002
A catchy little love song.
Abducted by Aliens (2:20)
[.mp3 (2.2 MB)]
It could happen to you! Demo of a Pop/Rock tune with a driving beat and synth-o-horns. The final version will be more rock-ish.
Daddy Can I Play Your Drums (2:10)
[.mp3 (2 MB)]
A collaboration with my 9-year-old son David (That’s David’s voice and his drum fills).

All songs written and performed by BearHeart (Bill Weinman), and recorded by BearHeart at © 1995-2003 William E. Weinman
Updated: 27 November 2004
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